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Scent List


From The Artist:

"The idea was to create a scent that would pay reverence to all the soldiers lost at the Alamo. I wanted it to be strong and masculine but at the same time sensual and sophisticated. The inspiration came from my time spent exploring out on a weekend pass from Lackland Air Force Base in 1993 during my time in training."

Top Note: Raspberry, Embers, Suede
Mid Note: Mexican Plum, Cactus Flower, Tequila
Base Note: Spanish Moss, Redbud, Vanilla

From The Artist:

"The idea was to create a sweet romantic scent that would remind you of the breezy spring shores of Lake Michigan. The inspiration comes from our beautiful Door County, Wisconsin."

Top Note: Lake Breeze, Bright Lemon, Kaffir Lime
Mid Note: Cherry Blossom, Lily, Wild Orchids
Base Note: Blonde Woods, Sand Dunes, Vanilla

From The Artist:

"The idea was to create a creamy sensual blend reminiscence of the Mediterranean coast. The inspiration comes from one of the most beautiful cities in the world."

Top Note: Olivewood, Sangria, Sea Grass
Mid Note: Pomegranate Flower, Jasmine
Base Note: Creamy Vanilla, Coconut, Saffron

From The Artist:

"The idea was to create a sugary sweet youthful citrus scent. The inspiration comes from the youngest member of our household ~ Little Miss Brooklyn."

Top Note: Sugared Apple, Lime Blossom
Mid Note: Purple Orchids, Salty Sea Air
Base Note: Cashmere, Vanilla, Musk

From The Artist:

"The idea was to create an explosive concentrate of masculine sensuality. To fuse together the spices of the area with the fresh zesty citruses, and then soften it with the all masculine roundness of leather and tobacco. The inspiration came from my time frequenting the local street vendors with a cigar in tow."

Top Note: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Star Fruit
Mid Note: Cinnamon Leaf, Saffron, Chili
Base Note: Sea Salt, Tobacco, Driftwood

From The Artist:

"The idea was to create a traditional Danish dessert scent. The inspiration comes from the happiest city in the world."

Top Note: Wild Huckleberry, Lemon Peel
Mid Note: Flowering Almonds, Danish Orchids
Base Note: Pink Sugar, Whipped Cream, Musk

From The Artist:

"The idea was to create a subtle sensual scent of fine Italian leather. The inspiration came from my time exploring the streets of Florence."

Top Note: Italian Leather, Citron, Wood Smoke
Mid Note: Tuscan Cypress, Truffles, Spice
Base Note: Black Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla
A picnic in the shade, surrounded by English ivy and oak buds with just a touch of honey swirling in the breeze.

Top Note: Green Tea, English Ivy, Lemon Leaf, Oak
Mid Note: Black Currant, Pink Rose, Honey
Base Note: Sweet Vanilla, Musk, Myrtle

The Sunday smells of grass stains, vintage pigskin and tailgate embers linger in the autumn air.

Top Note: Grass Stains, Autumn Cheers, Ale
Mid Note: Vintage Pigskin, Sweet Pine
Base Note: Smoked Cedar, Tailgate Embers

Capture the seduction of Madagascar’s rich landscape with this vanilla goddess. It features the warm essence of vanilla bean, the subtle floralcy of exotic orchid, and a touch of cedarwood.

Top Note: Vanilla Bean, Sugar Fields
Mid Note: Exotic Orchids, Jasmine
Base Note: Cedarwood, Boabab, Coffee Plant

A crisp outdoor blend of eucalyptus, pine, sweet apple and campfire smoke. A true weekend retreat for all seasons.

Top Note: Cool Eucalyptus, Wild Mint, Clary Sage
Mid Note: Cut White Pine, Iris, Honeycrisp Apples
Base Note: Campfire Smoke, Loon Nests, Moss

You can almost feel the desert on your face with this intriguing fragrance, opening with refreshing cactus, followed by exotic floral notes, drying to a delicate woody background.

Top Note: Prickly Pear Cactus, Wildflowers
Mid Note: Desert Holly, Sand Verbena, Mallow
Base Note: Joshua Trees, Piñon Juniper, Primrose

Our second hair down top down cruise with the denim on kinda thing... Refreshing salty citrus top notes followed by crisp bay leaves and cypress.

Top Note: Sea Salt, Bay Leaves, Citron
Mid Note: Neroli Blossom, Vintage Denim, Poppy
Base Note: Tobacco, Cypress, Driftwood

There's a cheerful Oktoberfest welcome in the air. Sweet vanilla and spicy clove add a new twist to the comforting warmth of autumn fruits and ale.

Top Note: Crisp Fall Fruit, Vanilla Cream
Mid Note: Oak Barrel, Cinnamon, Clove
Base Note: Golden Hops, Caramel, Malt, Rum

So fresh, and full of zest, like a bright summer day exploring the coasts of Carolina.

Top Note: Coastal Lemon, Palmetto, Myrtle
Mid Note: Yellow Jasmine, Honeysuckle
Base Note: Ocean Dunes, Sweet Grass, Mint

Refreshing ocean breeze, brightened with sunny notes of orange blossom and beach sand, quieted by the warm whisper of dried birch. Swim at your own risk...

Top Note: Ocean Breeze, Orange Blossom
Mid Note: Dry Birch, Pink Pepper, Patchouli
Base Note: Beach Sand, Oakmoss, Sea Musk

A favorite viewing place where cold night dreams are made with frosted blackberries, tingly peppermint and creamy vanilla.

Top Note: Frosted Blackberries, Peppermint
Mid Note: Sweet Violet, Sugar Crystals
Base Note: Sea Ice, Lava Rock, Vanilla

The one that started it all, the OG. Delectable creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar mix together with smoky tobacco and mahogany woods for this sensual masterpiece.

Top Note: Smoky Tobacco, Orange Peel, Rum
Mid Note: Mahogany Woods, Laurel, Patchouli
Base Note: Dark Brown Sugar, Creamy Vanilla

Stroll along a sunny path to the river banks... the cool 3 rivers breeze gently carrying the scent of downtown.

Top Note: River Rock, Coffee Flower, Mandarin
Mid Note: Industrial Steel, Pink Pepper, Amyris
Base Note: Minty Patchouli, Vetiver Grass, Tonka

Fresh Citrus accents open to reveal a classic floral accord at the heart of this exotic Vanilla scent.

Top Note: White Pine, Mountain Air, Cedar
Mid Note: Thyme Blossom, Columbines
Base Note: Birchwood, Wild Raspberry, Fir

Fresh Citrus accents open to reveal a classic floral accord at the heart of this exotic Vanilla scent.

Top Note: French Lavender, Lemon, Sage
Mid Note: Aged Bourbon, Tonka Bean
Base Note: Madagascar Vanilla, Spanish Moss
A refreshing swirl of sea breeze carried in by white capped waves... clean, sunny citrus notes combing through the coastal florals.
Top Note: Creamy Coconut, Fresh Lime, Ouzo
Mid Note: Fuchsia Flowers, Island Breeze
Base Note: Crushed Sugar Cane, White Musk

From The Artist:

"The idea was to create a sensual Georgia Peach scent. One that is soft, subtle, and light on florals. The inspiration came from my time in Forsyth Park on a family vacation."

Top Note: Peach Blossom, Nectarine, Honey
Mid Note: Tea Leaves, Freesia, Jasmine
Base Note: Candler Oak, Cashmere, Moss
You’ll dream of communion, spiral staircases and leather-bound books when you smell this intriguing, earthy aroma.

Top Note: Leather Bound Books, Incense
Mid Note: Plum Violets, Peony, Myrrh
Base Note: Patchouli Leaf, Vanilla, Musk

Sweet romantic layers float above the spiciness of freshly crushed cardamom.

Top Note: Peach Bellini, Cardamom, Limoncello
Mid Note: Violet Petals, Peony, Plum
Base Note: Venetian Paper, Vanilla

Refreshing sea salt and creamy coconut mingle with the florals of Oahu's charming, windswept island.

Top Note: Tropical Fruit, Creamy Coconut
Mid Note: Sea Salt, Island Florals, Surf
Base Note: Vanilla Sugar, Amber Sands, Musk

The smells of area lakes and forests mingle with the quiet countryside in this all season scent.
Welcome the spring season with the softly sweet bouquet of blooming wildflowers, crystal waters, and citrus.
Sunny summer citrus zest and cool herbal greens combine with aquatic waters layered with lakeside oakmoss and warm bonfire embers.
1855 rustic wood planks mingle with leather, tobacco and cherry for this timeless classic fall scent.
Snow covered pine, aromatic cedar and juniper berry blend together in a fresh winter forest scent.