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Woodwick Tips

When lighting your woodwick candle for the first time, be sure to lean your candle to the side where you can comfortably place the flame in the bottom corner of the wick. Allow a continuous 10 seconds for the flame to spread from the bottom of the wick to the top corner to ensure an even flame. After the flame has spread from one side of the wick to the other, you may now level your candle and begin to enjoy. This initial first step may have to be repeated until the candle will stay lit. Burn times will vary according to ambient temperature, increment burn lengths, and even humidity. Never blow out your candle flame before achieving a complete liquid burn pool, this method prevents the tunneling effect and extends the overall life of your candle.

After enjoying a 2 to 3 hour burn session and your candle has completely cooled and solidified, the wooden wick will have a black charred portion that should be carefully removed. If you notice an overly large flame upon relighting, this is a sign it is time to trim the excess portion of the burnt wick. For best results, simply use your fingers or a wick trimmer to knock off the charred portion of the wick. Please ensure no remnants of the burned wick are left on the wax.