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50/50 Fundraising

The Best Fundraising Option

Based out of Central Wisconsin, Wanderlust Scents prides itself on being one of the true American companies that manufactures all products by hand one item at a time. The most modern machinery won't be found here, dedicated employees and the finest ingredients allow us to consistently deliver the perfect product time and time again.

A fundraising program should be more than earning profits. It should be fun! Wanderlust puts the fun into fundraising with our easy-to-use fundraiser program. From school groups to athletes to church organizations, Wanderlust provides students of all ages with an opportunity to raise money for their school group or organization.

Our hands-on fundraising specialists at Wanderlust ensure the success of your fundraiser by informing you of the best-selling products in your area. You will be referred to one of our passionate, experienced sales representatives, who will design the perfect program to fit the needs of your organization.

What percentage of money is ours?

We are a 50/50 fundraiser. 50% is ours and 50% is yours.

Should we establish a fundraising goal?

Knowing how much money you would like to raise helps with the decision of which products to sell. Setting a specific goal also motivates the participants in the campaign to sell to their highest potential.

How long should we run the fundraiser?

The length of campaign can vary depending on your objectives and the motivation of the fundraisers. Campaigns don’t have to be long to be successful. Typically, a campaign that runs 2 to 4 weeks can be very effective. By setting a specific beginning date and ending date for your fundraiser, it is easier to generate and maintain enthusiasm. For the best results, make sure the event is the primary focus of attention!

Should we have someone in charge of the fundraiser?

Yes! It’s important to have a leader that will stay motivated until the end of the campaign. They should be organized and have good communication skills to ensure everyone is kept informed and energized. For larger groups of young people, it is desirable to have adult volunteers to assist the leader. The assistants can help with receiving and distributing the products. If necessary, they can also help with contacting participants during the campaign. It is also important to have one person who is responsible for collecting the money. That can be done by the leader, or someone appointed by them.

How do we pay?

It is the responsibility of the students to collect the money from their buyers and they should turn that money into the fundraising leader. The leader should contact us once he or she has collected all of the money from the students' orders. We will look over the orders and contact you within 24 hours with a grand total including shipping and sales tax if required. The leader can than pay with a check, cash, or credit card. 

What is the lead time for Fundraising Products?

Please allow 2 business days for processing all fundraising product orders. Standard lead time is 1- 3 weeks for fundraising products. Lead times may be longer during the fall and winter months.

How are the products delivered?

We ship standard ground using the most economical service (Fundraisers in central Wisconsin will be hand delivered.) Each individual persons order is handmade and individually boxed and marked for easy student delivery.

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost will be determined once all orders have been submitted.

Receiving and Storage of Product

If possible, inspect the shipment for missing or damaged cases right away. Count the cases to ensure it matches what you ordered and the shipping paperwork. If there are any issues, contact our Customer Service Department immediately.

If you are storing the candles prior to distributing it to the fundraisers, store it in a secure and cool area. Soy candles are heat and odor sensitive. Do not store near a heat source such as a furnace, radiator or windows. In warmer months try and distribute the products within 24 hours.