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CHARLESTON (SOUTH CAROLINA) | Wanderlust Eau de Parfum (118mL)

CHARLESTON (SOUTH CAROLINA) | Wanderlust Eau de Parfum (118mL)

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Wanderlust Scents Unisex Parfum Spray

Scent: Charleston
Location: South Carolina
Coordinates: 32°46′41″N  79°55′31″W

Description: Clean and light... this one captures the essence of the holy city. A well rounded blend of ocean breeze, pineapple and black currant.

Top Note: Pineapple, Black Currant, Palmetto
Mid Note: Angel Oak, Crimson Rose, Azalea
Base Note: Ocean Breeze, Ambergris, Vanilla

Our 4oz Unisex Parfum Sprays are hand-poured in amber colored glass bottles, with black nozzels and eco-friendly kraft labels.

Use: We recommend three heavy sprays on the inside of your wrist. Next, dab your wrist to your pulse points (at the back of your neck and behind your ears) to best smell the scent. Designed to be subtle and intimate...they will love you for it.

Ingredients: Denatured alcohol, phthalate-free vegan fragrance blend.

Did you know: Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality in Charleston. Back in the day, sea captains would announce their arrival and invite people to hear their stories by sticking a pineapple prominently outside their homes. 

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