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Our Story

Over the years every time I would walk into a store I would go straight to the candle aisle, it never failed I would always leave with one or two candles, sometimes more. The candles were always the same old apple, cinnamon, pumpkin and never really a "manly" scent or something I wanted to burn all year round.

On a cool afternoon in 2009 I found myself once again going from store to store but never really finding that perfect candle. I went home empty handed that afternoon and started to research candle making with the thought of maybe coming up with that perfect "manly" scented candle I desired. I spent a good part of the next year working on not only scent but the perfect burn. What started out as a hobby turned into 6 years of perfecting the perfect candle, one that would burn soot free, last long, fill a whole house with scent, and most importantly smell amazing.

I have a love for traveling and hopefully through my candles I can bring some of these amazing destinations into your home. Oh and about where this whole journey started, that perfect manly scent, it’s called Havana, our number 1 seller!